Get a CrowdFunding Web Platform Like This One

You get a fully developed website just like the Corvus Humphries Foundation For Peace website.We include all the features below and more!

It includes a highly stylized modern bootstrap 3 template (controls how your site looks from the front view). We customized the look, colors, logos and pictures you choose to fit your needs and individualize your template.

We use the modern Joomla 3 series CMS (content management system) system to create your website where you are in control of your own contents and updates. You can change your sites contents (articles, pictures or videos) whenever you want to.

We include unlimited emails (based on your domain name) that you can create to assign out anyway you please.


You can raise any amount of money for all of your causes completely within your own TBHWebTech website platform. No more setting up separate GoFundMe or Kickstarter style campaigns running in different places. One URL (your sites domain name) with everything you need to raise money for any purpose, any need under one roof. You do not pay any platform fees to another 3rd party, just your normal merchant (credit card) processing costs. You save money on transaction costs alone. It is your website, You create and make the campaigns of your choice,your own fundraising approvals, your full total control. 

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