One of the more difficult areas for most independent bands or small businesses is getting press. People who work in press and music radio have the same goal: Create a “buzz” (because this leads to the next goal of getting more readers and more listeners, which leads to the ultimate goal of more money.) By "press", we mean magazines, newspapers, and even music websites. We will leave out TV, since that is beyond what most brand new Indies/businesses can pursue.

Let us divide the press into three levels of difficulty. They are grouped according to how many readers they have.

The first level is the easiest being websites and magazines.

The next level up is local newspapers and calendar sections.

The final level is regional magazines, and entertainment sections of city papers.

Since press and radio have the same goal, just feeding the information from one to the other is one of the first steps you want to make. Vigilant Promotionshelps to make this transition very easy. People in the business want to see that a project is growing. If press sees that radio is supporting an artist, that in itself is enough to get some website, magazine, and local paper press. It will not work the other way around, however... almost no level of press, by itself, will start your radio. However, press is still very important... just below touring, in importance.

Referrals-to-press are a good way to use radio. After radio is familiar with your product, even if they are not playing it, you or your promoter can ask them what newspapers/magazines/websites they recommend you to pursue. If it is a commercial station, the press might be a client or potential client (they would advertise on the station,) or they might be co-owned by the station. If it is a college or community station, the person you are asking might just work at the paper (since they don't' get paid at the station.)

The free publicity you generate with your press release will be many times more valuable than any advertisements you could buy. Studies have shown that people respond to articles at a much higher rate than ads, because they are perceived to be more credible. After all, anyone can buy an ad, but if there is an article written about you, you must be "important".

For a business, press is even more so difficult with out radio to aid you. This is where radio ads can really help. Building your business resume will also be very helpful to obtain further press along with community events and sponsorships.

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