Field Marketing is more popularly known as “Street Promotion” or “Gorilla Marketing”, depending on whom you ask, which is a next generation marketing and promotion technique specializing in non-traditional media solutions, production, and placement. In an industry crowded with upstart artists/bands and small businesses you need a competitive edge to get yourself out there and this is a good way to get that edge.

Vigilant Promotions exciting strategies and tactics can help you breakthrough the noise and connect with target audiences. Memorable campaigns that engage consumers, create “buzz”, and drive product sales. The implementation of "alternative media and marketing campaigns" is a premier industry resource.

Vigilant Promotions offers a full service customized field marketing campaign for you, your band, or your business! This will help you bring in the exposure and results you need for expanding your consumer awareness and reinforcing your message in local markets to specific demographics effectively in a region. We provide customized promotional solutions and services for corporate accounts in a wide array of different sectors from corporate identity and product awareness campaigns, to the music street teams, all to a targeted an audience.

We are currently offering Street Promotion campaigns throughout the United States and the United Kingdom as well as several other key countries. We can also reach all of these demographics online via our Viral Marketing campaigns.

Vigilant Promotions creates and implements innovative, distinctive, and diversified non-traditional media campaigns for bands, advertising agencies, PR firms, and other media companies. Specializing in custom-tailored snipe campaigns in which poster placement, poster patterns, and specific street poster coverage are essential components of the advertising communication strategy.

Custom Snipe Campaigns: Whole wall wild postings, college campus poster campaigns, specific community poster campaigns, street pole posters, sidewalk chalk art and stencils, street decal and street sticker advertising campaigns, digital reporting, and sniping campaigns that target specific consumers, music venues, nightclubs, lifestyle shops, and sporting events.

Product Awareness /Marketing Campaigns: This is for your band or company's various services or products in order to create an identifiable brand to consumer’s and help your business or band to proceed to the next level of success. Vigilant Promotions can help you increase product visibility by distributing promotional items at music festivals, sporting events, and other high traffic areas.

Artist Development: Through the distribution of flyers, posters, music samplers and other promotional items or merchandise, Vigilant Promotions can promote your record release to the “mass media” wheels.

On-Line Promotions: This is really good for promoting your artist, business, and/or web site to increase attention to existing promotional efforts or to start an “on-line buzz” to create attention to your efforts. Promotional emails are sent to all relevant lifestyle on-line music media, message boards, music groups, and relevant links.

If you are interested in “Street Promotion/ Field Marketing” and would like to be considered for future campaigns please "Contact Us" for details.

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