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Vigilant Promotions is here to serve the needs of people who are searching for new alternatives to get the word out about their artist, business, or organization. It all revolves around music and the lifestyles associated with it.

Vigilant Promotions is our Products & Services Division.
Vigilant PR is our Multi-Mass-Media Public Relations Division.

Vigilant Promotions is a next generation promotion company specializing in music and the lifestyles that it can convey. We offer cost effective promotion and marketing to individuals, businesses, and organizations of all categories who might be looking for alternative outlets to promote their services and/or products on a nation-wide scale.

Vigilant PR is a 21st Century Public Relations Company specializing in our Kaizen influenced Company Restructuring, Social Impact Investing, Interactive Positive Community Campaigns, Corporate Messaging, Branding, and Grassroots Organization, combined with all of the traditional Public Relation and Promotional Methods.

Vigilant PR creates an all inclusive Multi-Mass-Media-Public Relations Platform that will easily navigate your company through new and developing technological methods, economic transitions, and brand loyalty changes that will lead to a more dedicated and organic Consumer Loyalty through our Vigilant Branded “Authenticity Consumers”. This will help transform any business in to a healing and profitable resource for any community. This is about “Doing Business For The Greater Good!”

For 11 Years Vigilant Promotions has worked with many companies, organizations, and individuals that we have Truly believed in. Over the past Decade our Vigilant Branded business method as a “For-Profit Philanthropic Company” has created services that have developed beyond the traditional promotion methods in to our full service 360 Degree PR Company. Offering one of the most advanced interactive levels of Public Relations to date, our ever evolving network of companies, organizations, and individuals, allow us to focus on our innovative methods, mixed with traditional promotion, to creatively expose client, services, and products on a Nation-Wide and International scale.